+++ ATTENTION +++ New schedule for Sunday, May 8

+++ ATTENTION +++ New schedule for Sunday, May 8

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by Organisationsteam

Start B-Finals at 8.00
Start A-Finals at 9.33

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Information for the teams

Information for the teams

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by Norbert Plaul

The Team Manager Manual has been published. It can be downloaded in the field DOWNLOADS on the German version of this Website.

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Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs Dr. Frank-Walter Steinmeier

Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs Dr. Frank-Walter Steinmeier,
Patron of the 2016 European Rowing Championships

“International sports events foster the meeting of people from different countries and the exchange of cultures. In addition to the competition, the competitors will always have plenty of time to get to know and talk to one other. This nation-bridging function will also be met by the 2016 European Rowing Championships. I cordially invite the best athletes from our continent to Germany to race in fair competition on the Beetzsee Lake in Brandenburg an der Havel and to celebrate a great festival of sport with us.“

Dr. Dietmar Woidke

Dr. Dietmar Woidke,
Minister President of the Federal State of Brandenburg

“Welcome to the sporting state of Brandenburg! Brandenburg and rowing have always been closely entwined. This is due not only to the wealth of water in our federal state but above all to the traditional rowing clubs in the region. They provide excellent conditions not just for grassroots sports but also for youth development and the training of elite athletes. We will also continue to focus in future on the target-oriented expansion of the existing competition venues and the targeted promotion of sports – so that our Brandenburg rowers can continue their successful course.“

Dr. Dietlind Tiemann

Dr. Dietlind Tiemann,
Mayor of the City of Brandenburg an der Havel

“For many years, the beautiful and modern natural regatta course on Brandenburg’s Beetzsee Lake has enjoyed an excellent reputation in international water sports. We have organised several European and World Championships and presented ourselves as a friendly and cosmopolitan host. We will now write another chapter in this success story with the 2016 European Rowing Championships. I would therefore already like to cordially welcome the participating athletes, their coaches and support staff as well as all rowing fans to the sporting city of Brandenburg an der Havel.“

Siegfried Kaidel

Siegfried Kaidel,
President of the German Rowing Association (DRV)

“In what will be an Olympic year, the 2016 European Rowing Championships offer the coaches and support staff for the European national teams an ideal opportunity to test their mettle against each other. Three months before the highpoint of the season in Rio de Janeiro, the top athletes will be able to see how they fare in international competition on Brandenburg’s Beetzsee Lake and check their performance level under competitive conditions. Many European rowing associations will certainly make use of this opportunity, so we can already look forward to large starting line-ups and thrilling competitions.“

Ralf Holzschuher

Ralf Holzschuher,
President of the Brandenburg Rowing Association (LRV)

“For the LRV Brandenburg, it is both a great honour and a privilege to host the top meeting of our continent’s rowing elite in the Olympic year. Together with those responsible in the DRV, our long-term partners in the regional state government and in the host city, as well as with the many volunteers in the local rowing clubs, we will ensure the best competitive conditions and an excellent atmosphere. The fact that we can achieve this has already been demonstrated by us many times in the past. We look forward to seeing you again at the 2016 European Rowing Championships in Brandenburg an der Havel.“

Hartmut Duif

Hartmut Duif,
Chairman of the Organising Committee

“The summer of 2005 was an important milestone for us and our traditional regatta course. After 20 years, the Junior World Championships returned to its original venue with great success. In the meantime another decade has passed, which we have used not only for extensive modernisation work on the regatta technology but also for expanding the course. During this period we have also managed to gain additional experience in the organisational field and increase our knowledge. That is something that we want to prove at the 2016 European Rowing Championships. We will justify the trust placed in us by the international rowing community and do all we can to ensure its success.“


The “Beetzsee” regatta course.


When the first competitions were held at Beetzsee Lake in 1969, no one would have imagined that the newly built sports facility would several decades later be considered one of the top addresses for hosting national and international regattas. Brandenburg an der Havel has long been associated with competitive rowing and canoeing. However, sailors and rubber dingy enthusiasts, barefoot water skiers and wakeboarders, as well as dragon boat teams and Formula 1 racing boat pilots have also frequently held successful championships and vied for the top medal places and rankings.

In 2008, the course was widened to eight lanes by “shifting” an island and, by carrying out further investment measures, brought up to the high standards required by the international federations. Not only has a modern extension to the distinctive finish tower been built along with a giant video screen in the middle of the lake, the start and finish line technology and the time measurement systems have also been perfected, the support and catering areas expanded and the working conditions for the organisers and media representatives considerably improved.
Today, a venue is now available that is easily accessible in all regards, which provides perfect possibilities for the athletes, support personnel and spectators, and which also takes the needs of adaptives into full account.

Technical Facilities

  • Internationally recognised time measurement system from ST Innovation GmbH
  • Mobile automatic start system for 8 lanes
  • State-of-the-art regatta technology across a 170 m2 usable floor area in the finish tower
  • Wheelchair-accessible jetties and barrier-free adaptations to buildings
  • Conference rooms and offices, etc., for organisational aspects
  • Media centre and press area on the spectator stand
  • 14,000 m2 area for preparing the athletes and boats
  • Large catering area in the boat park building
  • Fibre-optic cabling across the entire regatta course site
  • High-speed Internet
  • 64 m2 video wall
  • TVs in the catering area and in the boat park
  • Extensive catering area in the boat park building
  • Partly enclosed spectator stand with 1,800 seats; mobile stands are possible
  • Excellent transport connections and sufficient parking spaces


Stay in Brandenburg an der Havel

Welcome home.

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